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Kytarista Robert Lapčík
Basák Michael Cálik
Bubeník Radim Večeřa
Klávesista Daniel Šimek


Project Universe B was founded in 2017, when a keyboardist Daniel Šimek joined a band Mimozem. His presence changed the genre of the band from pop-rock they moved to metal music with progressive elements. This led to the need of a change in the name of the band. So Universe B come into being.

From the begining Robert Lapčík (guitar), Richard Lapčík (lead vocals), Michal Mareček (bass) and Radim Večeřa (drums) were plaing in the band. After a few concerts the band started to plan to record their first single Alter Jesus. But during the recording bass player Michal Mareček left and was replaced by Michal Cálik.

Universe B played together with the new players at Fléda in Brno together with bands such as Titanic, Lunatic Gods, Dogma Art and Silent Stream of Godless Elegy. After this cncert tha band continued to work on their single and they started to work on a video as well. The video was directed and produced by Mejla Basel.


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