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Project Universe B was founded in 2017, when a keyboardist Daniel Šimek joined a band Mimozem. His presence changed the genre of the band from pop-rock they moved to metal music with progressive elements. This led to the need of a change in the name of the band. So Universe B come into being.

From the begining Robert Lapčík (guitar), Richard Lapčík (lead vocals), Michal Mareček (bass) and Radim Večeřa (drums) were plaing in the band. After a few concerts the band started to plan to record their first single Alter Jesus. But during the recording bass player Michal Mareček left and was replaced by Michal Cálik.

Universe B played together with the new players at Fléda in Brno together with bands such as Titanic, Lunatic Gods, Dogma Art and Silent Stream of Godless Elegy. After this cncert tha band continued to work on their single and they started to work on a video as well. The video was directed and produced by Mejla Basel.


Richard Lapčík

sang in almost every musical genre from pop to death metal. He took private lessons of classical singing at Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. He refused to sing musicale in Městské divadlo Brno because he prefers to sing original work.

His main vocal idols are Pavarotti, George Michael, Joey Tempest, James Labrie a Chuck Chuldiner.

His favourite singers and bands are Dream Theater, Death, Europe, Metallica, Queen, Helloween, Leprous, Bon Jovi, Alter bridge,  Depeche Mode, Empire of Sun, Kreator, Katie Melua, Vanessa Carlton, Jana Kratochvílová and more.

Robert Lapčík

started his career in a band called DECAPITATOR as a bass playerzačal in 1987. In 1988 he joined a band M.S.R. He founded a band HAPPY DEATH in 1989 together with his brother Richard and Mirek Čermák (Pasha) where he started to play the guitar. The band HAPPY DEATH recorded only two demo albums: New-hi-tec ( 1997 ) and Altering the Technology (1998). The second demo album was really apreciated by the critics. HAPPY DEATH joined a competition Jim Beam Rock in 1998 where they won a second place from the total of 600 bands. He collaborated with a band INNER FEAR on their CD Thanalogy (2002). In 2005 he recorded a CD with HAPPY DEATH called 1st Technology.

In 2013 he founded a pop-rock band MIMOZEM together with his brother and Ondřej Mazal. They recorded a few singles. The band ended its existence with the founding of Universe B.

Robert Lapčík
Michal Cálik

Michal Cálik

was born in Žilina (SK). He started to play the trumpet when he was 13 years old. He studied at the conservatory in Žilina ans later he continued to study trumpet at the Department of Jazz Interptetation at Faculty of Music of Janáček academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. He studied also at KUG Graz (AT) under Jim Rotondi (jazz trumpet). At the moment he is in his second year of Master studies of Jazz Interpretation at JAMU under Juraj Bartoš.

He worked with interprets and bands such as Radovan Tariška Little Bigband, Peter Lipa, Tibor Feledi Kairos Quintet, Peter Adamov & friends and many more. His own projects are The Dudes Of Ellington (Swing) and HQ&Collective (modern jazz).


He had master classes led by Avishai Cohen (trumpet), Peter Herbert, Dough Hammond, Chris Potter and more.

Daniel Šimek

was born in Vienna. He studied piano at the Brno Conservatory and at the same time attended private lessons of composition. Already during his studies at the conservatory he began to play the keyboard of the band Alia Tempora, which he left after a year. After leaving, he founded the metal project Propagande with drummer Radim Večeřa and singer Renata Bušková, with whom they released two singles. In this project he played bass. During his time in Propaganda, he began his studies at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, where he studied composition and later since 2018 orchestral conducting. In 2017 he and Radim Večeřa reunited and started a new project - Universe B. He also acts as artistic director of the Mirror Ensemble, which focuses on contemporary minimalist and ambient music. In his career he had the opportunity to collaborate with orchestras such as the Moravian Philharmonic Olomouc or the Prague Philharmonia. In 2018, his chamber opera “Unknown” was premiered as part of the Janáček Brno 2018 festival. His compositions were performed at festivals in Denmark and Romania.

Radim Večeřa

Radim Večeřa

comes from Šternberk, where he also started playing drums in 2006 under the leadership of teacher Vlastimil Oulehla. He was also a member of the Groovy Mallets drum ensemble. In 2011 he began studying at the Brno Conservatory, where he devoted himself most to the drum set under the leadership of Ctibor Bártek. Already at this school he began to devote himself to metal and techniques of this style. At the Conservatory he met keyboardist Daniel Šimek and created a metal band Propagande. After a few years the band broke up because of different opinions. Later he joined the pop rock band Mimozem, where he was invited by Robert Lapčík. When he joined the band they started thinking about moving to a different style and so the band Universe B was formed, which was joined by Daniel Šimek and later by Michal Cálik. He is currently playing in two metal bands and is studying drums at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno.

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